Mogadishu Port

We are very happy that our group took over the operational rights of Somalia’s Mogadishu Port for 20 years on September 21, 2014. As a sister country of Turkey, Somalia has a great place in Turkish investments in the port sector, which plays a major part in logistics. In accordance with the agreement signed between our group and Somalian authorities, Albayrak Holding receives 45 percent of the revenue that it obtains from the port, which has great strategic significance in eastern Africa, and gives the remaining 55 percent to the Somalian government.

In addition to having made major equipment investments in the port before the takeover, Albayrak Group plans short- and medium-term investments to bring the port to world standards with its acknowledged Turkish experts in a short time. Having generated a new source of income for Somalian citizens employed in the port, we aim to make significant contributions to the development of the Somalian economy, which has important resources. We will endeavor to introduce new lines to the port, which offers services to many international customers including MSC, SIMA TECH and CMA-CGM, and use our past experience to make it a transit port.