In line with the principle of “Human First” ;

Our basic Human Resources policy aims to prepare an environment where all our employees can work efficiently and build relationships based on mutual respect and trust.

As the Albayrak family, our objective is to put our signature under great success and rise together with our company.

Albayrak Group is a community of people who are open to development, improvement, and innovation while doing their job devotedly.

The performance evaluation system applied in Albayrak Group is transparent; It is a system where the superior-subordinate evaluates, the subordinate expresses his or her opinion, and the evaluation is terminated by mutual negotiations between the subordinate and the superior.

An employee’s performance; different data such as training, adaptation to the company, change, and efforts to increase personal performance are evaluated. The training system consists of two main categories. The training in the first category aimed at providing the employee with skills that can be used immediately at the end of the training. We call these “technical” or “functional” training. The training in the second category is aiming to equip the employee with a set of information and to demonstrate personal development in the long term. These pieces of training include personal or corporate development training.

In line with career planning, “manager development programs” are carried out, aiming for employees to gain knowledge, skills, and new perspectives on the management approach. For this purpose, two separate training plans are implemented under the name of “Albayrak Manpower” and “Albayrak Management Force” in cooperation with the university.



In the developing and world-changing conditions, we direct our management processes by considering this change to use the human resources, which is the most valuable capital, effectively and efficiently.

We start the recruitment process in line with our needs that arise after the human resources planning is carried out systematically to realize the strategies put forward in line with the goals and objectives of our group. First of all, we aim to make an effort to meet our needs in the recruitment process from our internal resources and to actively use the career planning system created in line with the competencies of our employees.

In cases that require outsourcing, we employ an effective selection and placement process at the point of selecting employee candidates, which we believe will add value to our company.

The career development of the employees in the recruitment carried out within Albayrak starts with the provided orientation process to adapt to the Albayrak Group and their duties, and continues with the necessary training and development activities.

As a result of the effective integration of our performance management system, which is carried out in coordination with our training activities, with the career planning system; All of our human resources management processes aim to create the conditions that enable our employees to work in our group for many years.



As Albayrak Group, our biggest dream since 1952; is to work to be a Turkey with a bigger economy and a higher level of prosperity.

Our most important support while continuing our work is our trust in the human resources of this country. Regardless of which sector and position; We take it as a principle to work with people who want to be successful not only for themselves and their company but also for their country.

Albayrak Group, one of Turkey’s well-established and powerful companies, started its journey with the construction sector; continues to be one of the most reliable groups in the business world, with more than 30 companies operating in the industry, tourism, logistics, service, and media sectors, and more than 13,000 employees.

We are a company that guides its sectors with its staff, is open to innovation, and has absorbed its core values, always aims to increase the quality of its products and services with its successful strategies, carries its domestic activities abroad, is a company that is fundamentally committed to its national and spiritual values, and closely follows the developments in the sector and the demands in the market. Our company continues to offer its products and services in line with the development of technology, and make great contributions to the Turkish economy.

What we have accomplished by continuously improving our vision for more than half a century now, puts the responsibility of achieving more on us and bringing it closer to our dreams.

“I am also ready to share this responsibility.” if you say Let’s work together to achieve our biggest dream within the Albayrak Group.

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