The senior management of Albayrak Group met at the summit held in Balıkesir, Körfez Thermal facilities in order to evaluate 2018, survey expectations and opinions regarding 2019, obtain information on corporate development efforts and to strengthen communication between Albayrak Group executives.

At the summit, executives gave presentations on sector expectations for 2019, developments that took place in 2018 and projects/cases that can be showcased as examples for other companies in the group.

Among those who attended the event were the members of the Board of Directors were Mr. Mustafa Albayrak, Muzaffer Albayrak, Executive Committee Members Mesut Albayrak, Faruk Albayrak, Muhammet Fatih Albayrak and Hamza Albayrak, as well as İbrahim Karaca, Group CEO. Dr. Ömer Bolat, in addition to nearly 50 senior company managers and general managers.

At the summit, top executives of companies operating in various sectors in Turkey and abroad gave presentations to Albayrak Holding on the results and targets of 2018. Concurrently, executives in charge of human resources, information technologies and management information systems also gave presentations about their current status and planned projects.

Third generation at work in Albayrak

Speaking at the opening session, Albayrak Group Board Member Mr. Mustafa Albayrak, in his speech, underlined the significance of the day, noting that “today is an important day, as the Albayrak Family we have worked hard and achieved great success in 68 years. The contributions made by the third generation and our managers on this path are very critical. We thank you all for your efforts and success ”. Mr. Albayrak, who presented new targets to the executives, wished that the Summit would be instrumental in achieving prosperity and successful results.

Executives briefed on Institutionalization activities

In the opening session of the summit, Albayrak Group CEO Dr. Ömer Bolat gave an overview of the current activities of Albayrak Group. Underlining the Vision, Mission and Core Values within the framework of the Group’s new corporate constitution, Bolat added that “If an enterprise is content with boasting its successes for more than a year, this indicates that the company has started on downward trajectory.”

With the presentation made by Ahmet Erdemir, the General Manager of Change Dynamics Management Center, which supports the institutionalization efforts accelerated by Albayrak Group, managers were briefed about the institutional development activities and the new institutional constitutional framework.

Group’s overseas activities marked the summit

In the second session of the summit, Albayrak Construction General Manager Dr. Yunus Yılmaz gave a presentation on the current and planned activities of Albayrak Construction as well as the investments and activities realized in Guinea and Somalia. He stressed the importance of the contributions of the activities carried out abroad to the region and people.

Albayrak Group Pakistan Country Coordinator Benjamin Khan gave a presentation about investment in Pakistan, emphasizing that it is a Muslim country in a state of rapid development, located at a distance of 6000 km from Turkey. In addition, Karaca also talked about the investments made by Albayrak Group across Pakistan and briefed attendees on waste management, tractor export, public transportation, taxi and metrobus operations in the 4 biggest  cities of Pakistan.

The last speaker of the session, Necati Karavaizoğlu, Deputy General Manager of Albayrak Sugar, discussed the activities of Erzurum and Erzincan Sugar factories purchased by the Albayrak Group from the Turkish Sugar Factories last year and planned future investments. Karavaizoğlu, who has a long experience in the sector, gave a comprehensive presentation on the current situation of the sugar factories and future plans.

Central approach and synergy in IT and HR

Senior managers in charge of human resources, management information systems and information technologies, one of the central departments of the Group, gave their presentations at the third session of the summit.

Human Resources Group Manager Hüseyin Yavuztürk, who took the stage first, briefed attendees about the content and principles of the “Workplace and Employee Handbook” that focuses on  strategic human resources management, HR policies and Change Dynamics. The activities of the Human Resources department, demographic information about the Group’s employee structure and the conducted projects figured prominently in the presentation.

ALBİL Executive Vice President Hulusi Gülen, who is in charge of the Management Information Systems, gave a presentation in which he briefed participants on the ERP systems and projects used within Albayrak. In addition to his experiences on how to adhere to a roadmap while creating a system requested by companies inside the Group, he also shared his opinions on the latest Cloud Systems trend.

ALBİL Executive Vice President Erdal Nalbant gave a presentation about infrastructure, digital security, license management and consultancy activities for group companies with the role of being a central purchasing company within Albayrak. Pointing out the importance of using local software and open source software, Nalbant emphasized the importance of using a structure that will survive even in difficult situations.


TÜMOSAN is ready for the future

TÜMOSAN General Manager Kurtuluş Öğün gave a comprehensive presentation on domestic and international activities of TÜMOSAN Tractor and Engine A. Ş., which is one of the leading companies of Albayrak Group, in which he discussed the R&D activities of engine components that will be used in the military, marine and generator sectors, he also emphasized the important work done in order to increase localization and nationalization rate.

Albayrak Media continues its digital transformation rapidly

In the closing session of the summit, the first speaker was Kenan Çelik, General Manager of KADEME, who designed and manufactured on-vehicle equipment of heavy vehicles used in waste management. In his presentation, Mr. Çelik discussed current activities, domestic and international goals, and new equipment and vehicles that are currently in the planning and design stages.

Mikail Talha Bayraktar, who gave a speech outlining the activities of Platform, one of the first sectors in which Albayrak Group began its commercial life, briefed attendees about the current status and planned investments. Following the presentation, a promotional film summarizing the company’s domestic and international transportation and operations was shown.

Ömer Karaca, General Manager of Piri Media, the digital leg of Albayrak Media, made a comprehensive presentation detailing Albayrak’s investments and activities in the field of digital media. Outlining a broad vision on new trends in digital and social media, digital shift in journalism, new channels  aimed at the youth and new alternative digital programs, Mr. Karaca, at the end of his presentation, played a clip for the participants from a documentary published by Yeni Şafak titled “Those who didn’t fit in the coffin”.

Economic analysis of 2018 and expectations for 2019


Speaking at the last part of the session, Albayrak Group CEO Prof.Dr. Dr. Omer Bolat, Turkey’s economy is going through and shared with the participants their views on fiscal issues. Bolat “After the first quarter of 2019, real production will start to recover. We have survived the worst, budget discipline after the election, as well as the transition to an economic period of transition will be ”he said. In this sense, Turkey is still all kinds of economic challenges and stressed the need to be cautious attack against Bolat, it stressed the importance of sustainable protection of objectives in the economy.

Speaking about the importance of institutionalization and human resource management, Süleyman Erdemir, Chairman of Change Dynamics, gave a speech emphasizing that institutionalization means doing all jobs according to literature, stressing the need to carry out current activities with common reason and discipline and noting the importance of the sound management of human resources.

On the first day of the summit, members of the Albayrak Group’s Board of Directors shared their macro goals and strategies and concluded with a Q&A Business Chat session with the Board of Directors that was moderated by CEO Ömer Bolat.

Closing summit at latest group investment at Varaka Paper Factory

On the second day of the summit, a visit was organized to the Varaka Paper Factory, owned by the Albayrak Group, continues its activities in Balıkesir.

Giving information about the latest status of the factory and the period in which it will go into operation, Varaka General Manager Ahmet Taşcı noted that he is pleased to host the board of directors and managers at the factory.

After an overview about the factory, we started our factory tour. Providing extensive information about the investments made during the trip and factory machinery infrastructure, Taşcı also shared on-site information about the units under construction.