Book Publishing



We set out in March 2018 to build a library, which we call Ketebe Publications, with the idea that every book is a world, and every library is a great world that contains worlds. We aimed to bring together knowledge with aesthetics and imagination with reality under the same roof and to blend common accumulation of humanity with the values ​​of our civilization. By accepting international standards as the basis of our understanding of publishing, we continue to work day by day for our country to have an intellectual brand opening to the world.

The backbone of our publishing policy is to host the distinguished works of Turkish literature, young writers, studies that will invite enthusiasts and researchers to the vast richness of our history, both contemporary and classical texts of world literature, the productions of our world of thought, the cornerstones of our spiritual history and the untouched values. Recently, Ketebe Children brand has joined the wide range of Ketebe Publications with its quality and safe content understanding for our children, who are the guarantee of our future.

We, Ketebe Publications; As a part of a civilization that respects the book, paper, and word, continue to be on the road by saying that everything passes, “writing remains”.