Since 2000, Albayrak Group has been established with the awareness of providing services to its subsidiaries in the field of information technology, following and supporting digital transformation processes, adapting quickly to new technologies, and making the right technology investments.

ALBİL Center Services;

– Datacenter establishment and management services,

– Cloud services solutions,

– Server hosting and management,

– Installation and management of local and wide network systems,

– Information security services,

– Ensuring cybersecurity,

– KVKK adaptation process studies,

– Development and integration of open source applications,

– Enterprise resource planning, business process analysis, improvement, and development management,

– Implementation, training, and support of MRP, ERP, CRM, PDKS applications,

– Management of ERP financial legislation compliance, GİB E- adaptations,

– Implementation and integration of sectoral applications such as TOS, PLM,

– Application development and integration studies within the scope of web technologies,

– Vehicle tracking system service,

– IT licensing and management services,

– Technological product purchases,

– Technological consultancy and project management support in projects is a professional organization that provides services.

Offering the most appropriate solutions to the needs of its customers by combining its experience and expertise in its field with its system and software production capabilities, ALBİL Center Services continues its services with the determination to provide timely, accurate, and up-to-date technological solutions to both domestic and foreign customers.


Rasat, which was established in 2016 in order to establish violation and license plate detection systems in order to ensure the safety of life and property on highways, to make sense of the data obtained while controlling the traffic flow and to offer it to the service of relevant public institutions, continues its activities in many parts of Turkey.

Rasat Traffic Solutions;

  • Electronic control systems,
  • Intelligent intersection systems,
  • Traffic light regulations
  • Construction and modernization of traffic education parks,
  • License plate recognition systems

It offers services that meet all requirements in their fields from device to software, and from signage to markings.

Electronic traffic systems, which are delivered to operate 24/7 without interruption by carrying out all feasibility, installation and support activities with its professional team, are at the service of public and private companies.


Systematic Distribution, established in 1995, provides natural gas, water and electricity meter reading in various cities of Turkey; carries out the distribution, billing, maintenance and on-off services of the related subscriptions. Systematic Distribution, İSKİ, TEDAŞ, İGDAŞ in Istanbul; It has become a leading company in its field with the services it has provided throughout the country, including TEDAŞ in Ankara and Trabzon.

Systematic Distribution has increased the number of subscribers taken over from ISKI by 40% with its experienced and disciplined staff, and has reduced the illegal water usage rate in Istanbul from 70% to 20%. Due to the decrease in water resources with global warming, more careful monitoring and invoicing of consumption, minimization of leakages; It is extremely important for local governments that provide water services in our country.

Systematic Distribution also attaches importance to R&D in the fields it operates, and continues to provide services throughout Turkey with modern and state-of-the-art hardware and software support.