Magazine Publishing



Bilge Çocuk, which started its publishing life in September 2016 with the slogan of “The Magazine of Wise Children”, is a children’s magazine aims to make light in the minds of our children who are the architects of our future, to put a smile on their lips, and to bring together tradition, future, science and wisdom, yesterday and today, and  convey national and spiritual values in an appropriate style.

Bilge Çocuk meets with children aged 7 and over every month with its fun and educational content and great gifts.


Bilge Minik, which started its publishing life as a supplement to Bilge Çocuk magazine, decided to continue its journey as an independent magazine upon intense request and demand.

The content of the magazine consists of many activities that can be completed with the support and guidance of an adult. These activities stimulate the sense of research and curiosity of preschool children and support their language development, manual skills, mental and emotional development. In addition, the “Notes to Parents” sections on the pages guide the parents of the little ones.

Bilge Minik meets 4-6-year-olds childrens every month with its fun and educational content and surprise gifts.


CİNS, a culture and literature magazine that started publishing in October 2015 with the warning to be the voice of “the first-class culture, the first-class thought, first-class sensitivity”; “Son, they are idols!”. From its first issue, Cins’s journey began with a rising protest against the dominant discourse imposed on Turkish people through all media channels, and with a call to address the issue of “given cultural power”.

This courageous call made has resonated and resiprocated to the world of culture and art, and today the magazine has a say in its field with a history of dozens of issues.

With its team, writers and readers, the breed further expands its call and message in each issue; it promises to build a world of mind and culture that rises on its definitions and own thinking bases. Cultural heritage with one hand to establish it; while aiming to rework moral, scientific, and literary values ​​and keep them on the agenda, it points out the ideal that will establish the future.

Genus; a volunteer army of ideas with a military on all fronts from classical literature to modern literature, from Islamic thought to Western thought, from sociology to philosophy, from history to actuality, in short, culture and thought.


The idea of ​​a new history magazine which sprouted in the summer of 2011 was implemented in April 2012 with the slogan “All you know will be history”. It appeared before its readers with the consciousness that no one could say the last word in the field of history, and that new documents and information, different approaches and perspectives could be developed at any time.

Derin Tarih delivers indelible traces of history to its readers with cover files that create the agenda every month, out-of-the-box articles by expert academics, healthy comments, and original documents.

The other side of the Ottoman Empire, striking details from the history of Islam, the unopened pages of Europe, the black holes of recent history, the fascinating adventure of the history of religions, the fascinating issues of Seljuk and Turkish history, and many other themes are presented to the readers’ taste every month.

The documents, photographs, documents, and maps published for the first time, the life stories of the anonymous heroes of history, special interviews with local and foreign historians, the horizon tour with monumental figures, book reviews, and many other titles find their place in the Derin Tarih pages.

Aiming to be the voice of the oppressed, Derin Tarih strives to be one of the main stops in the long way to reach a fair history. It objects to the false history of our country declaring itself its master and swallowing up potential histories by taking the state behind it.

Believing that a different narrative of history is also possible, it adopts the motto of embarking on untouched issues, touching untouched documents, highlighting the files that have been pushed to the last shelf, and weeding out fake and real heroes.


Gerçek Hayat magazine, which started its publication life in 2000, was adopted by the masses in a very short time. By standing tall in the stormy environment of February 28, it became a defense of Muslims’ opinion. It has filled an important gap in the field of political thought for many years. He became and continues to be the spokesperson of those who are concerned with the troubles of their country, regarding the problems of the Islamic world as their personal issues and struggle for it.

Apart from this political goal, it served as a school by opening its pages to young and excited pens for 15 years, creating a still very lively and growing the “real life spirit”.

Gerçek Hayat, which is still an unrivaled magazine in its field, joined Albayrak Media Group in 2016. Since December 2018, it has been continuing under the chief editor of Kemal Özer.

Gerçek Hayat, which is full of content with special files, comes to your table at the beginning of each month if you subscription. It is also possible to obtain magazines from newsagents and bookstores.


Lokma magazine, which started its publishing life in 2014, is a magazine where daily culinary adventures are shared and readers do not let down. Understanding the value of the blessings given, presenting the recipes prepared without exaggeration, and show off, in the most beautiful form, to those with whom we share life and to thank those we have, is the primary task of Lokma.

What else does Lokma do?

Each month, the Lokma team embarks on the excitement of a new issue, searching and finding flavors that we would be happy to try for ourselves and our loved ones. It brings together the ingredients found in the season, the ingredients in everyone’s closet and pantry, and brings together the recipes that will bring happiness to the pots.

In addition to traditional recipes, it also describes different and new recipes that you have not seen before, in the finest details.

In Lokma, not only you can see that cooking is not just about recipes, but you can also find practical information that will make things easier in the kitchen and give you cooking tips that will reveal the chef in you.

What does Lokma pay attention to?

Lokma Magazine, being aware of the difficulty of preparing each bite that comes to the table, attaches importance to the fact that each plate is sincere rather than exaggerated presentations without wasting any ingredients. The only purpose of the given recipes is to accompany the best conversations at the tables where many people come together.

We will continue to bring our passion for cooking, eating, and sharing with you in your magazine Lokma, where you can find the most special tastes with the most special photographs and see the dishes that have been tried many times to reach their best potential. 


Nihayet Magazine deals with voices from the East and the West with content that you cannot find elsewhere. When discussing the standards, it brings up the overlooked ones with “special files”.

Presenting reliable informations in an attractive language. Finally Magazine does not neglect to offer reading suggestions while telling theories through personal testimonies.

The Sovereignty of Quality, Strangeness on the Road, Records, Hayat Memat, Comic Story, Culture Atlas, books from Turkey and the World, plus the topics that arouse curiosity every month… Chapters that tell you about you in your magazine Nihayet with different pens, lines and photos!


Post Öykü doesn’t claim that it will break idols, be at the center of literature, knock down opponents, crush the little ones and kiss the hands of the elders, carry our country to a happy future, surpass the second new (storytellers will also surpass). I can talk about a single claim; We do not have the power to turn away from a good story, a good article, a good magazine, a good book, a good idea. I think that evil, small accounts, delusions about the literary environment, demand an extra effort. But I cannot find this energy in myself, we cannot find it.

What we write or do is what our life is. We work on this; We stir our feelings for literature and magazine publishing, so we cannot be said to be very professional. Post Öykü carries what we love, what we learn, what we know, feel, opinions, beliefs and confusions. This “we” is not a closed, masonic “we”. Let’s love, get excited, get angry, learn and of course write together. Come and talk if you love. We are waiting for our post.


The life cultures of different geographies from travel to culture-art, from food to daily life, and the “glazed” details that are overlooked in the hustle and bustle of the city life breathe in the Skyroad magazine.

Skyroad; offers the color scale of different lives as well as different geographies to the reader who says “this world is our homeland”, who is interested in traveling and exploring, who researches the secrets of “our planet” and who has the motto “to travel while living, to live while traveling”.

Skyroad brings a new and dynamic breath to travel magazine publishing with colorful articles, interviews, impressions and photographs that blend the concept of travel with human stories, daily life and tradition.

The magazine, the content of which is prepared in Turkish and English, reaches 450 thousand plane passengers, 45 percent are foreigners, every month. The magazine also claims to introduce the geography and culture of Turkey with its foreign readership potential.

Skyroad, which started out as a “travel culture magazine”, continues on its way by presenting new discoveries to its followers on the digital platform.


Magazine publishing is an endless adventure for some, but not for us. Z Report aims to provide access to the background and essence of news and events that are consumed quickly in daily life. In journalism, each of them goes after the “stories behind” what we consider to be a separate “story”.

While there are many successful monthly and weekly economic magazines in the market, there is also the fact that our side in the media does not have a compact economy publication which encouraged us to exist in this medium. In 2015, we set our mind to be a publication that would shed light on Turkey’s new face, initiatives, geography and ties with the worldthat we set off.

Our difference is that we are a magazine that leaves the local and looks globally, does background readings and makes room for Islamic codes in the economy. We exist in everything from entrepreneurship stories to events in our region and the world, from technological trends to developments in the markets, in everything about the economy and life.

We take a detailed photo of what is happening in Turkey and the world with the commentary articles of our valuable local and foreign authors and reveal the economic, political and geopolitical risks for our businessmen who invest abroad.

Z Report is with you with its files and news that add a global perspective to economy, politics and life issues.