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Yeni Şafak, founded in 1995 with the slogan of “Turkey’s accumulation”, has always been loyal to this principle. In a short time, it gained an important place in the media world with the values ​​it represented, the devotion of its employees and newspaper owners, as well as its courage.

By the time of its establishment, a significant part of Turkey’s experience was not reflected in the current media system. Yeni Şafak filled this void. There was no medium to publicize the wrongdoing. Yeni Şafak became the voice of the weak and the homeless.

It has become an independent magzine and announced the facts. It has played important roles with critical news, comments and attitudes in the political, social and legal developments of Turkey in the last quarter of a century.

It became the most important address of the struggle with the February 28 coup that came two years after its establishment. It stood against the February 28 junta, politicians, businessmen, NGOs and most importantly the media. It became a harbor for journalists, writers, academics, politicians and NGOs who were subjected to the pressure of February 28th.

Yeni Şafak became the engine of Turkey’s democratization and liberation of the tutelage regime in the 2000s as well. İt has exposed the coup processes and claimed politics.

Yeni Şafak also took pride as being the first media organ that announced the coup attempt on July 15th and called on citizens to take a stand.