Port Management

Services & Logistics

Trabzon Port

Taken over by Albayrak Group in 2003, Trabzon Port is the glittering pearl of the Black Sea, Turkey’s first public port.

It boasts a cargo handling capacity of 10 million tons, 5 million tons of cargo storage, 100,000 tons of indoor storage and an accommodating capacity of 2,500 ships.

Mogadishu Port

Taken over by Albayrak Group in 2014, Mogadishu Port is East Africa’s gateway to the world.

Mogadishu Port, as the gateway of East Africa to the world, offers a multitude of services to a large number of international logistics giants, including bulk and container ship loading-unloading, lashing-unlashing, pilotage, trailer and mooring, outdoor and indoor storage-warehousing, etc.

The port boasts a total area of 303,000 square meters, six handling port cranes, 7500 TEU container storage capacity, 170,000 annual TEU storage capacity, four indoor areas for general cargo and a 20,000 square meter open storage area.

Conakry Port

West Africa’s gateway to the world, boasting a total area of 120,000 square meters, with a handling capacity of 10 million tons.

The port’s capacity makes it a unique trade port for Guinea.

The estimated worth of investment  is $400 million during 15 years. It will be operated by Albayrak Group for 25 years.