Public Transportation

Service & Logistics


Platform A.Ş., which was established in 2002 to operate in the fields of personnel transportation and fleet leasing, expanded its scope of activity in the following years. It also achieved a great success in the country and abroad and became one of the service companies contributing to the development of the country.

Platform A.Ş., personnel and student transportation, fleet leasing, construction equipment and specially equipped car rental, cultural purpose travel organizations, travel agency management, food transportation and distribution services, metrobus and public transportation services abroad, personnel support services (poliçe, cleaning and security) and promenade management.

Since its establishment, Platform A.Ş., which attaches importance to investing in technology and knowledge in order to increase its competitiveness in the country and abroad, has kept pace,  with the times, with its professional employees, fully equipped infrastructure and perfect communication network. In this context, Platform A.Ş., which pays special attention to foreign investment activities, carries out the metrobus line in Lahore, Ravalpindi and Islamabad cities of Pakistan, “A Cab” taxi vehicles in Lahore, and 28 km bus operation in Conakry, the capital of Guinea. It also bears the title of “Pakistan’s safest and largest transport company”.

Platform A.Ş., adopting the highest quality of understanding in service, continues to contribute to the national economy with the employment of 1,300 employees.


Nakil Logistics offers solutions that bring together the freight and load-bearing applications with the technological possibilities that have been developing since 2019. Freight advertisements can be posted using mobile or web applications, and offers can be submitted to these advertisements. The loader can monitor who is carrying his load on which route, the waybills, and other details with these applications.

Nakil’s application; provides drivers with the opportunity to see close loads according to their location, in order to plan the return load in advance, and access information and documents of past transportation at any time with navigation support for load pickup and load delivery points.

The application, which is still used by hundreds of drivers and dozens of companies, continues to offer new facilities and opportunities to its customers by continuously developing.