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TÜMOSAN, which has successfully carried out many products and services since its establishment in 1976, continues its activities in order to contribute to the country’s economy and to eliminate foreign dependency with its experience of more than 40 years in the production and development of diesel engines, tractors, gearboxes, transmission and power transmission organs.

TÜMOSAN which is the neing the first diesel engine manufacturer of Turkey, has focused on R&D studies of engine, transmission and power transmission groups and electronic systems for the Defense Industry sector in 2012, and has signed national projects in the Defense Industry with 100% Turkish capital and engineers for more than 40 years. continues its activities with the mission of throwing.

TÜMOSAN was selected by the Defense Industry Presidency (SSB) in order to initiate contract negotiations in the Altay Main Combat Power Group tender in 2014, the contract was signed on March 17, 2015, but the force major and the project occurred due to the failure of the Austrian firm providing technical support to obtain an export license from its government. This contract was mutually terminated on February 24, 2017, since the changes requested by TÜMOSAN were not accepted by SSB.

Following the signing of the Power Group Development Project Agreement between TÜMOSAN and SSB, tactical wheeled vehicle concept design studies, which will consist entirely of domestic systems in the field of Defense Industry, started and the developed industrial prototype vehicle was presented at IDEF’17 Fair. The first prototype of the armored vehicle called “PUSAT”, with the R&D project supported by TÜBİTAK after the fair, took place in the IDEF’19 Fair.

TÜMOSAN first started R&D studies to develop automatic transmission with torque converter, automatic transmission with synchromesh and transmission control unit in Turkey and has taken an important progress in this regard. Industrial prototypes of 8 + 1 manual transmission, 8 + 1 synchromesh automatic transmission and full automatic transmission with torque converter, which were developed by TÜMOSAN for on-road and off-road wheeled vehicles, were presented at IDEF’19 Fair. The hybrid power package, developed for PUSAT and the “ALP” power group developed for Armored Combat Vehicles, was also among the remarkable products at the fair.

As a result of intensive R&D studies, a contract was signed between SSB and FNSS for the supply of 100 Special Purpose Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicle (ÖMTTZA) project diesel engines from TÜMOSAN.

In line with Turkey’s 2023 goal and strategy and within the framework of localization activities; Instead of the gasoline Wisconsin engines of American origin used in the Aircraft Stop Systems, which are used to safely stop the military aircraft when they land on the runway in emergency situations at Military Airports.TÜMOSAN has started the Aircraft Stop System Rewind Engine Application Project for the use of 3-cylinder diesel engines. TÜMOSAN 55 horsepower diesel engine suitable to be integrated into the Aircraft Stop System within the scope of the project; The domestic and national power package, which includes the cooling package and its subsystems, was applied and presented to the use of the Turkish army.

Developed as the first member of the Marine engine family, the 4DT-41M engine (105 hp) was showcased as “Turkey’s 100% Domestic Marine Engine” at the CNR Eurasia Boat Show – 14th International Marine Vehicles, Equipment and Accessories Fair. The TÜMOSAN Marine Engine Project has been initiated to develop solutions that Turkey needs, extending to the type of engines that can be used both for the use of auxiliary engines and marine generators and for boats with an average length of 12 meters. With the project, it is aimed to offer and integrate economic and national-domestic solutions at 75, 85, 95 and 105 horsepower for important waterways platforms in Turkey, which is surrounded by seas on three sides.

In order to increase the product range of TÜMOSAN, generator and generator engine production was planned by using 3 and 4 cylinder diesel engines, and in the first half of 2019, 4-cylinder 42, 48, 65, 74, 82, 91 and 100 kVA generator engines were produced. At the same time, a domestic generator with 80 kilovoltamper (kVA) power was developed as the first member of the Generator family with options varying between 40-100 kVA using the TÜMOSAN engine was exhibited at the fair.

TÜMOSAN, which has achieved many firsts in our country with its young staff, most of whom are doctorate and graduate level engineers in Istanbul Topkapı R&D Center, is forcing the boundaries of our country’s industry with its newly developed engines and other projects, such as diesel engines, transmissions and transmission organs. It has undertaken a mission to reduce our country’s external dependence on critical issues. With the activities of TÜMOSAN, Turkey will reach a competitive level among countries that have the ability to develop and manufacture diesel engines, transmissions and powertrains in the world.

TÜMOSAN also aims to take an active role within the framework of localization activities of Engines, Transmissions, Power Packs and Transmission Bodies within the scope of modernization projects in the field of Defense Industry.

TÜMOSAN will develop nationally and locally cost-effective products in line with Turkey’s 2023 goals and strategies, and present them to the use of our Defense Industry.

TÜMOSAN has ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate, TSE Service Qualification Certificate (TSE-HYB), MSB Military Factories General Directorate Approved Supplier Certificate, Facility Security Certificate and R&D Center certificates.