Sugar Production

Albayrak Sugar Factories

The Erzincan Sugar Factory aims to increase its processing capacity from the current 1,800 tons of beets per day to its actual capacity of 2,000. Meanwhile, the Erzurum Sugar Factory will hit a processing capacity of 4,000 beets per day, up from its current capacity of 3,300, as both factories optimize their production levels for better results. Both facilities are planning to carry out efforts to raise their maximum capacity and conduct modernization efforts, improvement and renovation, in addition to environmental investments.

Albayrak Holding, which will be the pioneer of the transition to automated agriculture in Erzurum and Erzincan sugar factories in order to increase the beet production and sugar yield per decare, has been carrying out negotiations to buy two beet cleaning and loading machines within this target scope. In addition, the company plans to focus on the neglected cultivation areas of sugar beet production in the Erzurum region and aims to maximize the efficiency and farmer education by implementing exemplary agricultural practices. It plans to build an oil factory that will collect and process oil crops through its licensed silo activities and sunflowers seeds for the farmers to sow. It also plans to compensate farmers in full for their produce.


On-Vehicle Equipment


Leading and innovative designs

In 2011, Kademe launched its operations within the structure of Albayrak Holding. Located in Konya’s Organized Industrial Zone on a plot of 1.000.000 square meters in a closed area of 20.000 square meters, it manufactures vacuum and compact road sweeping vehicles, container washing machines and compact waste bins.

It aims to expand its product range and to strengthen its position in the countries to which it exports as well as the domestic market by transferring the opportunities offered by advanced technology to the production processes at the highest level by analyzing the needs of the industry with its expert staff equipped with superior engineering knowledge.

With its strong R&D department, it is capable of  designing and producing equipment based on different brands and types of vehicles in the sector, to fit the needs of every order that  could request new designs.

As a pioneer in the sector with its manufacturing and after-sales service support, it conducts its manufacturing activities in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality standards and has obtained the CE certificate for its products.



Ereğli Textile

Rooted heritage, qualified and quality production

Founded in 1934 as Sümerbank Textile, it was renamed as Ereğli after it was acquired by Albayrak Group through privatization. It operates in an indoor space of 72,000 square meters, which is built in an overall area of 85.000 square meters.

Through its paint shop and garment workshops, it conducts dyeing operations of close to 7.5 million meters of fabric for security forces and produces 765,000 uniforms as part of its outfits and camouflage production. It employs about 2,000 workers.


Paper Production


A whopping $500 million investment

Valued at $500 million, Varaka will provide employment opportunities to 1,500 workers as it launched operations in a 140,000 square-meter venue built on an open area of 1,000,000 square meters. Varaka aims to produce 200,000 tons of newsprint and 150,000 tons of cardboard annually.

Starting from the year 2021, a second phase will kick into gear to reach an annual production capacity of 350,000 tons of a wide variety of coated cardboard. It will save approximately $450 million a year from paper imports and domestically help meet the demands of the local market, saving $450 million in paper imports annually.


Tractors and Engines

Turkey’s pioneering national tractor

Founded in 1976, Tümosan boasts the 2nd biggest market share in Turkey’s tractor sector. In 2004, Tümosan, which was taken over by Albayrak Group through privatization, went public with its stock offerings in 2012. It is currently ranked 299th among Turkey’s 500 biggest enterprises. It boasts the capacity to produce 45,000 tractors and 75,000 engines per year. With a team of over 100 engineers,  it domestically manufactures over 94 percent of its products. Tümosan exports to 19 countries, including Europe, the Middle East and Africa.



Striving for civilization’s development since 1952!

Albayrak Construction builds quality structures with a team of qualified technical personnel and engineers.

Since its inception, Albayrak Construction has been one of the leading companies in the sector with its vast experience of  carrying out the construction of over 5 million square meters and over 20,000 residential units.

To date, many substructures and superstructure projects have been completed such as mass housing and residences, hospitals, subways, infrastructure, stadiums, sports complexes, factories and shopping malls.