Port Management


The first port built in the old dock area during the Ottoman Empire was opened in 1903 and became one of the five important ports of the Ottoman Empire. The new port, the foundation of which was laid in 1946, was put into operation in 1954, the modernization of the port came to the fore in order to respond to the increasing ship traffic after years, and the work that started in 1980 was completed in 1990 and was brought to its current position.

The 30-year operating right of Trabzon Port, which is the most important port of the Eastern Black Sea Region, was taken over by Albayrak Group in 2003. Trabzon Port which connect Europe and Asia, continues its modern Silk Road mission as the heart of maritime transportation; It provides uninterrupted service in operations such as pilotage, towage, accommodation, warehouse, terminal, loading and unloading, electricity and water.

Trabzon Port, which is the only port opened to the stock exchange among 180 internationally operating ports and coastal facilities in Turkey, has an annual handling (loading and unloading) capacity of 10 million tons, annual storage of 5 million tons, annual container handling 350,000 TEU, annual container storage 300,000 TEU, berth length total (9 berths) is 2.235 m, annual ship acceptance number is 2500.

Our national pride, Fatih Drilling Ship’s use of Trabzon Port for the assembly of its dismantled tower in Istanbul, Haydarpaşa Port has an important place in the history of Trabzon Port. On the other hand, Fatih Drilling Ship was the largest ship (51,238 grosston) to berth at Trabzon Port, apart from Cruise ships.



Mogadishu Alport, strategically located in East Africa, is Somalia’s single and largest port opening to the world. In accordance with the agreement made with the Somali government in 2014, Albayrak Group received the right to operate of the port for 20 years.

After the port was taken over, many infrastructure developments and modern equipment were developed. With the second phase investments, the capacity, and business volume, of Mogadishu Alport will increase significantly and the service quality will continue to improve.

Mogadishu Alport operates multi-purpose port operations such as container, bulk and general cargo, liquid, Ro-Ro, livestock. Mogadishu Alport, where 90% of its employees are Somali citizens, abholds a significant contribution to the Somali workforce. Furthermore, the Port management improves its service quality day by day by improving its Somali personnel in port management.

The activities of Mogadishu Alport contribute to the Somali economy and provide a great opportunity to develop its international trade. İn addition to the success of the port that inspires and sets an example for other developing African ports.



conakry port

Conakry Port, which is West Africa’s gateway to the world, is a unique commercial port for Guinea with a total area of ​​899,000 square meters and a handling capacity of 10 million tons.

The foundation of the harbor was laid in 1895 by French Lieutenant Noel Ballay, governor of the French Guinea colony. A pier about 100 meters long and 5 meters wide was built and this was accepted as the starting point. From the end of the 19th century, the physiognomy of the harbor has undergone major changes, replacing the piers and granite filling, building the reserve dam, enlarging the main dock, building warehouses, installing water and electricity pipes, and fixing the rails along the quay. During these dates, Conakry Port played a leading role in sending natural resources from Guinea to the “French Metropolis”.

With the independence of Guinea in 1958, national companies were established to increase port activities, but then the activities of these companies were combined and Port Autonome de Conakry (PAC) was established by the state in 1982.

In 2018, a 25-year contract was signed with Albayrak Group with an investment of approximately 500 million dollars to expand, modernize, manage, operate the port, and make it more competitive on an international scale. Conakry Port has undergone a real transformation since the contract came into force.

Priority targets have been set to face the challenges of competitiveness: rehabilitation and maintenance of existing infrastructure and equipment, modernization of the port by purchasing 5 ultra-modern lifting cranes ranging from 80-140 tons, construction of penetrant, construction of 3 new scales, construction of sewage systems, the establishment of the automation system, all Modernization of the electrical system and many more studies are ongoing.

Conakry Port, with the advantages provided by Albayrak Group, in 2018, more than 1,180 ships, 10 million tons of goods, and 237,366 TEU containers; In 2019, more than 1,280 ships received approximately 11 million tons of goods and 248,659 TEU excess containers.

Conakry Port continues to shed light on the future of the West African country Guinea.


Public Transportation


Platform A.Ş., which was established in 2002 to operate in the fields of personnel transportation and fleet leasing, expanded its scope of activity in the following years. It also achieved a great success in the country and abroad and became one of the service companies contributing to the development of the country.

Platform A.Ş., personnel and student transportation, fleet leasing, construction equipment and specially equipped car rental, cultural purpose travel organizations, travel agency management, food transportation and distribution services, metrobus and public transportation services abroad, personnel support services (poliçe, cleaning and security) and promenade management.

Since its establishment, Platform A.Ş., which attaches importance to investing in technology and knowledge in order to increase its competitiveness in the country and abroad, has kept pace,  with the times, with its professional employees, fully equipped infrastructure and perfect communication network. In this context, Platform A.Ş., which pays special attention to foreign investment activities, carries out the metrobus line in Lahore, Ravalpindi and Islamabad cities of Pakistan, “A Cab” taxi vehicles in Lahore, and 28 km bus operation in Conakry, the capital of Guinea. It also bears the title of “Pakistan’s safest and largest transport company”.

Platform A.Ş., adopting the highest quality of understanding in service, continues to contribute to the national economy with the employment of 1,300 employees.



Nakil Logistics offers solutions that bring together the freight and load-bearing applications with the technological possibilities that have been developing since 2019. Freight advertisements can be posted using mobile or web applications, and offers can be submitted to these advertisements. The loader can monitor who is carrying his load on which route, the waybills, and other details with these applications.

Nakil’s application; provides drivers with the opportunity to see close loads according to their location, in order to plan the return load in advance, and access information and documents of past transportation at any time with navigation support for load pickup and load delivery points.

The application, which is still used by hundreds of drivers and dozens of companies, continues to offer new facilities and opportunities to its customers by continuously developing.


Information technologies


Since 2000, Albayrak Group has been established with the awareness of providing services to its subsidiaries in the field of information technology, following and supporting digital transformation processes, adapting quickly to new technologies, and making the right technology investments.

ALBİL Center Services;

– Datacenter establishment and management services,

– Cloud services solutions,

– Server hosting and management,

– Installation and management of local and wide network systems,

– Information security services,

– Ensuring cybersecurity,

– KVKK adaptation process studies,

– Development and integration of open source applications,

– Enterprise resource planning, business process analysis, improvement, and development management,

– Implementation, training, and support of MRP, ERP, CRM, PDKS applications,

– Management of ERP financial legislation compliance, GİB E- adaptations,

– Implementation and integration of sectoral applications such as TOS, PLM,

– Application development and integration studies within the scope of web technologies,

– Vehicle tracking system service,

– IT licensing and management services,

– Technological product purchases,

– Technological consultancy and project management support in projects is a professional organization that provides services.

Offering the most appropriate solutions to the needs of its customers by combining its experience and expertise in its field with its system and software production capabilities, ALBİL Center Services continues its services with the determination to provide timely, accurate, and up-to-date technological solutions to both domestic and foreign customers.



Rasat, which was established in 2016 in order to establish violation and license plate detection systems in order to ensure the safety of life and property on highways, to make sense of the data obtained while controlling the traffic flow and to offer it to the service of relevant public institutions, continues its activities in many parts of Turkey.

Rasat Traffic Solutions;

  • Electronic control systems,
  • Intelligent intersection systems,
  • Traffic light regulations
  • Construction and modernization of traffic education parks,
  • License plate recognition systems

It offers services that meet all requirements in their fields from device to software, and from signage to markings.

Electronic traffic systems, which are delivered to operate 24/7 without interruption by carrying out all feasibility, installation and support activities with its professional team, are at the service of public and private companies.



Systematic Distribution, established in 1995, provides natural gas, water and electricity meter reading in various cities of Turkey; carries out the distribution, billing, maintenance and on-off services of the related subscriptions. Systematic Distribution, İSKİ, TEDAŞ, İGDAŞ in Istanbul; It has become a leading company in its field with the services it has provided throughout the country, including TEDAŞ in Ankara and Trabzon.

Systematic Distribution has increased the number of subscribers taken over from ISKI by 40% with its experienced and disciplined staff, and has reduced the illegal water usage rate in Istanbul from 70% to 20%. Due to the decrease in water resources with global warming, more careful monitoring and invoicing of consumption, minimization of leakages; It is extremely important for local governments that provide water services in our country.

Systematic Distribution also attaches importance to R&D in the fields it operates, and continues to provide services throughout Turkey with modern and state-of-the-art hardware and software support.


Waste Management


In 1992, Albayrak Group laid the foundations of this sector in Turkey by undertaking the first initiative of the private sector on waste management to eliminate and control the increasingly negative effects of waste, which are the natural and inevitable consequences of life, on the environment and human health.

Yeşil Adamlar, serving within the Albayrak Group, is a pioneering and leading organization that realizes its services with developing technological applications, following the developing and changing conditions of the day, in terms of collection, transportation, storage, and recycling of waste.

According to the World Health Organization, one of the basic conditions of being healthy is a healthy environment. Yeşil Adamlar is an organization that provides waste management in a way that is compatible with the environment in order to ensure that the environment, which is the common presence of all living things, is protected in accordance with the principles of sustainable environment and sustainable development.

Yeşil Adamlar also continues the process of washing and sweeping the main arteries and squares to keep the cities clean, increase the quality of life and eliminate other factors that may affect human health in cities, with vehicles and personnels equipped with the latest technology, which can monitor instantly from the satellite, 24/7 without interruption.

Across the Turkey, within the body of metropolitan, provincial and district administrations, it is the leader of the sector with its powerful, modern 1062 vehicles and its 5700 personnel who receive “vocational training”, OHS, first aid and fire training in vocational training courses with protocols signed with public education centers periodically.

Yeşil Adamlar Waste Management has adopted the mission of implementing the “waste management and environmental cleaning” activities carried out and carried out in Turkey, also at the international level. Based on this principle, it has been continuing its waste management and environmental cleaning activities abroad since 2010.




The operation of Birun Kümbet Mountain House, located in Giresun Kümbet Plateau, which has the cleanest air of Turkey at 1850 meters, was taken over by Albayrak Group in 2007 and it has become a brand in mountain and plateau tourism, with its understanding of quality and service increasing day by day.

Birun Kümbet; as of 2020, it continues to serve the tourism of the country twelve months of the year with a total capacity of 150 beds, including 34 hotel rooms, 12 single-story bungalows, 5 duplex bungalows, in the wooden main building.

Birun Kümbet, which stands out with its architecture that is completely compatible with nature and surrounded by forests on four sides, serves its guests with a Turkish bath, pool, sauna, ATV tours, bicycle tours, swinging against the magnificent view, sledding, and all kinds of snow fun in winter, as well as accommodation and restaurant service.

The most important project of Birun Kümbet is the value it added to Giresun plateau tourism. In this context, it has included 7 hotel rooms, 7 bungalows, snow plowing, and track making vehicle for ski service.

Birun Kümbet, which attaches great importance to afforestation, in particular, contributes to the country’s land and its future by planting hundreds of saplings in the area owned by the hotel every year. In addition, the business, whose most important mission is to be nature and environment friendly, changed its energy resources in order not to harm nature, and switched from solid fuel to a natural gas system that is compatible with nature and does not harm nature.