TÜMOSAN scores major agreement

Albayrak Holding affiliate Tümosan signed a preiliminary agreeemnt with Spanish railway transport giant Talgo for the production of high-speed trains in Turkey. Under the joint investment, trains, high-speed trains and railway material and equipment will be produced to meet Turkey’s needs.

Tümosan Engine and Tractor Industry Co., a subsidiary of Albayrak Holding, signed a partnership under the scope of its campaign that will give momentum to its plans for railway transportation.

At a ceremony held in Istanbul yesterday, Tümosan signed a joint project for a venture and technology transfer with Spanish giant Patentes Talgo SLU, which operates in the field of train, high-speed train and railway equipment.

ALBAYRAK:  We will be at the heart of railway transportation

Speaking at the ceremony, Tümosan’s Chairman of the Board Nuri Albayrak said that the last 10 years saw mobilization period in Turkey with regards to high-speed train transportation.

“Turkey envisages up until 2023  the construction of a thousand kilometers of high speed rail line. It aims to make our country the heart of railway transportation by connecting Asia and Europe. ” Albayrak stated, while pointing that to reach these targets, technology should be developed in order to produce the domestic and the towing vehicles as well as the railways.

Albayrak also noted that technology transfer is a necessity in the production of high-speed train sets with a maximum of domestic resources within the scope of the national train project.

We achieved success at Tümosan and we will do so again

Albayrak pointed out that, after the privatization, the design and production of the diesel engine, transmission, transmission and axle systems of the vehicles manufactured by Tümosan in the last 10 years were carried out with national means. “ the most appropriate candidate for cooperation and has decided to sign a letter of intent for this purpose. ”

“Our group, embarking from the example of Tümosan, has determined Talgo as the most suitable candidate for cooperation after a long evaluation period with the idea of adopting the same approach in the national train project and thus has decided to sign a letter of intent for this purpose. ”

This work is also a national duty for us

Albayrak pointed that the ultimate goal of this cooperation is bring railway system technology to Turkey.

“Through the document signed, the aim is for parties to participate in the tender process of potential projects and carry out feasibility studies in order to jointly-produce speed train sets in Turkey. I would like to express my gratitude to the officials of the Talgo firm who decided to cooperate with us for the fulfillment of a national duty, and wish that this step we have taken will be beneficial for our company and our country. ”

Noting that the project is the result of one year’s work, Albayrak noted that after it comes to life, a large number of offers from abroad will also be evaluated.

Turkey’s impressive  growth performance

Ana De Nicolas Renedo pointed that the milestones reached by Turkey’s railway transportation since 2003 was detrimental.

“The difference we saw on our map between 2003 and 2013 was very significant. Planned projects until 2023 have attracted our attention. If they said they would reach this scale in 2003, maybe no one would have believed it. The distance traveled and the energy spent is one of the best examples that show that they can reach their goals for 2023. TÜMOSAN already produces its own engines in Turkey. As Talgo, we will do great industrial work. With regards to knowledge transfer, there are already teams who come to Spain from Turkey. We teach all of the work achieved by Talgo as a course. After the success of this agreement, we will enter other countries together with Turkey. ”

Turkey has accelerated mentality has changed

Turkey Prime Ministry Investment Support and Promotion Agency President Ilker Aycı pointed that Albayrak Group’s Tümosan adds immense value at its factory, “valued at $ 20 million today which is under $ 1 billion. I’m sure, through this partnership, it will exceed $ 1 billion in the future. ”

Pointing that it is a giant leap forward for Turkey, Aycı pointed that “One of the important indicators of this leap forward is what has been achieved in the past 70-80 years with regards Turkey’s transport infrastructure, whether be it land, railway, sea and air travel . These efforts were undoubtedly due to the renewal of Ankara’s mentality. The understanding that came from Ankara to Anatolia has also changed as it moves from Ankara to Anatolia again.” With regards to the privatization program, Aycı emphasized the principle that the private sector, which he considers to be more productive, should be an operator instead of the public.

Kaçar: More than half will be domestically-produced

Şafak Kaçar, General Manager of Albayrak Construction, who was present at the ceremony, pointed out  while evaluating the level of cooperation reached, that there’s a possibility of working with the State Railways. Kacar emphasized that the tender for the high speed train sets for TCDD this year will be 90 sets and the estimated cost is estimated to be 3 billion euros.