Albayrak Group met at 2019 Vision and Communication Summit

The senior management of Albayrak Group met at the summit held in Balıkesir, Körfez Thermal facilities for the purpose of evaluating 2018, to consult our expectations and opinions about 2019, to have information about corporate development studies and to strengthen communication between Albayrak Group managers.

Albayrak Group
Since 1952

Albayrak Group

Social Responsibility

Established in 1989, Albayrak Sports boasts close to 1000 successful amateur sportsmen  in both modern and traditional sports such as football, karate, judo, athletics, badminton, wrestling, tennis and table tennis, as it continues to take assured steps in providing services to the youth on its way to becoming a large community.

Albayrak Foundation aims to raise the quality of training in the fields of education, culture, scientific research and development, as it strives to raise qualified, skilled workers who embody national and moral values to meet Turkey’s labor needs in select fields.