Albayrak Group

Established in 1952, Albayrak Group embarked on its journey by launching operations in the construction sector. Today, the group boasts over 30 companies that employ close to 20,000 workers in the fields of construction, manufacturing, logistics, services and media.

In addition to its operations in a large number of cities across Turkey, Albayrak Group expanded to Asia and Africa in countries such as Pakistan, Somalia and Guinea as it operates in the fields of construction, port and waste management, and public transportation. Not confined to commercial operations in these fields, the group also supports the building and development of infrastructure in the countries in which it operates.

Through its Turkey-based leading industrial manufacturing firms Tümosan and Kademe, Albayrak exports tractors, motors, and on-board equipment to approximately 30 countries.

Taking hard-earned pride in being a pioneer in a large number of sectors in Turkey, Albayrak Group’s entrepreneurial, local and national campaigns, coupled with its investments in waste management and infrastructure, were among the cornerstones that helped elevate the group to the leading position it occupies today.

Achieving stable growth in the construction sector for 67 consecutive years, Albayrak Construction carried out operations both in Turkey and overseas spanning over 5 million square meters of construction work, building over 20,000 housing units, in addition to its infrastructure operations such as the construction of the metro and a large number of hospitals, stadiums, factories and shopping malls.,

In the industrial sector, production is carried out mainly in the fields of tractor and motor production, as well as in textile, paper, sugar, on-board equipment, the defense industry and casting. Tümosan, which has the second largest market share in the tractor industry in Turkey, began trading on the stock exchange, becoming one of the country’s most important firms. In addition, investment in one of Turkey’s biggest paper-manufacturing factories has been completed and the facility went into production.

During its 40-year experience in the field of services and logistics, Albayrak Group expanded its operations from chiefly personnel transport services and waste management to include port management, car rentals and hotel management, among many others. Through its operations at home and abroad, Platform Tourism is now the largest firm in Turkey in the field of personnel transport.

In the fields of media and publishing, Albayrak Group boasts a number of publications including Yeni Şafak, one of Turkey’s most well-respected newspapers, in addition to a television channel, magazines, digital and book publishing. Through its technology and human resources investments in the digital field, it became one of the sector’s most popular group of websites.

By relying on its vast experience, Albayrak Group continues to look to the future with ever more assured steps, taking immense pride in being a part of and standing alongside Turkey. Albayrak Holding will continue as it always has to greatly contribute to Turkey’s economy in the fields of production, added value, employment, export and taxes, proudly flying Turkey’s flag high in international arenas.



We aim to become a leading group renowned for its innovative and entrepreneurial administration and being internationally-recognized for our sustainable profitability and trustworthiness in all the sectors we’re operating in.



With the knowledge of being Turkey’s leading and socially-responsible entrepreneur, Albayrak Holding, as part of its mission, aims to:

• Partake in current and future operations in any sector that produces or could produce added-value,
• Provide high-quality products and services both at home and abroad
• Become a pioneer in the sectors it operates in through renovation and diverse perspectives
• Operate through a customer satisfaction-oriented approach
• Add value to the betterment of individuals and society through its social responsibility efforts