Albayrak Grubu

Albayrak Group started operating in construction in 1952, and grew relentlessly in line with the growth in national economy. The Group has empowered Turkey through its solid investments in new industries during each expansion period. Almost 80 companies and publishing brands operate under Albayrak Group across more than 20 industries including construction and real estate investment partnerships, industry, logistics, media, and tourism.

Creating job opportunities to almost 10,000 people in the country, Albayrak Group firmly trusts Turkey’s future, and this has been the driving force of its success for long years.

Albayrak Construction, one of the leading companies of the group, has been among the best construction companies in Turkey with the projects it initiated since the 1950s, when urbanization started to accelerate in Turkey. The construction of the Muş Train Station in 1954, the 4th Levent-Taksim Metro in 2001, the Kartal-Kaynarca Metro Line in 2017, hospitals, stadiums, factories, shopping malls, and more than 20,000 residences have been successfully constructed to date. In addition, it is able to do business abroad in the most difficult and unfavorable conditions, and can finish projects before the deadline set for it, with its years of experience and knowledge.


Drawing attention with its investments and experience in the service and logistics sectors, the Group has also achieved many firsts. Itlaid the foundations of this sector in Turkey, by establishing “Yeşil Adamlar on waste management”, in order to eliminate and control the increasing negative effects of waste on the environment and human health in Istanbul, that was struggling with garbage mountains in 1992. Yeşil Adamlar has been continuing its waste management and environmental cleaning activities in Turkey since 2010, as well

Varaka Kağıt which produces using 100% paper waste, is a production facility that produces kraft, cardboard and paper with various features, which the Group modernizes after purchasing the SEKA Balıkesir Paper Factory. In the cogeneration facility it owns, the fuel supplied from the country’s resources, is burned and steam is produced, while at the same time, the electricity requirement of the facility is produced with the steam turbine, and it brings the environmentalism to the forefront by using energy resources correctly and efficiently.

Ereğli Textile Factory, one of the three biggest brands in the sector in Turkey, has been using antibacterial, nano technology features for the land, air, gendarmerie and security forces within the Albayrak Group since 1997 with the Industry 4.0 technology. It is a company that produces and sews shirts and windbreaker fabric, as well as sewing for cold weather parkas and dresses

Platform A.Ş., which was established in 2002 to operate in the fields of personnel transportation and fleet leasing, expanded its scope of activity in the following years and took part in many areas of the service sector. In addition to its domestic activities, it operates the metrobus line in Lahore, Ravalpindi and Islamabad cities of Pakistan, “A Cab” taxi vehicles in Lahore, and a 28 km bus operation in Conakry, the capital of Guinea.

The group has also made serious investments in technology and software. ALBİL Center Services, which was established to produce solutions in the field of information technologies, to follow digital transformation processes and to make the right technology investments, offers timely, accurate and up-to-date technological solutions to both domestic and foreign customers.

Sistemli Dağıtım Services that carry out natural gas, water and electricity, meter reading, subscription distribution, maintenance and invoicing services in various cities of Turkey; Rasat Traffic Solutions that sets up systems to ensure the safety of life and property on highways, Nakil Logistics that produces freight transport applications with technological facilities, is among the other companies of the Group in the service sector.

Kademe Atık Technologies, which exports to 45 countries by producing domestic and national products in the on-board equipment sector, is among the favorite companies of the Group and grows by expanding its market day by day. Compact, vacuum and trailed type road sweeping vehicles, disinfectant and sterilization vehicles, hydraulic compacted garbage container, hooklift, container washing vehicle, water tanker-sprinkler, vacuum truck, combined trenching machine, various types of platform, tree removal machine, trailer and compost machine. With its productions, Kademe has the widest product range in the sector.

Albayrak Group, which established the Sukkar Şeker brand by taking over the Erzurum and Erzincan Sugar Factories in 2018, modernized the facilities with an investment of 40 million TL and brought economic vitality to the region with an annual production of 80,000 tons of crystal sugar. In addition, it has put Mezra Ziraat into operation in order to make sugar beet cultivation by renting the arable land in the region, to introduce the farmers of the region with modern agricultural practices and agricultural tools and to lead them in this regard.


To be a pioneering group that is desired to be a stakeholder at the international level with its corporate management, sustainable profitability and reliability in all the sectors we operate, and gain a reputation for our entrepreneurship and innovation.


To take part in sectors where it creates or can add value, To offer high quality products and services in the country and abroad, To be a pioneer in the sectors in which it operates by offering different perspectives and innovations, To operate with an approach based on the satisfaction of all stakeholders, To add value to people and society through social responsibility activities as a mission.

Directing the dynamics of the logistics sector with its investments, Albayrak Group has taken over the thirty-year operating rights of Trabzon Port, which is the most important port of the Eastern Black Sea Region, since 2003. Trabzon Port that is traded on the stock exchange, hosts oil exploration in the Black Sea as well as logistics activities. The Group has expanded the volume of its logistics activities by undertaking the operations of Mogadishu Port in Somalia, which has a strategic location in East Africa, and Conakry Port in Guinea, the gateway of West Africa to the world.

Albayrak Group, which took over the management of Birun Kümbet Mountain House in Giresun Kümbet Plateau in 2007, started to show itself in the field of tourism by incorporating the Teos Holiday Village in Seferihisar-İzmir in 2018

Albayrak Group stepped into the media sector by incorporating one of Turkey’s most respected newspapers, Yeni Şafak, in 1995. The “new media screen” of Turkey, TVNET, which started its activities in 2007, reflects the agenda of Turkey and the world on screens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Group is among the leaders of the industry with its magazine publishing. In addition to Derin Tarih, Nihayet, Z Report, Lokma, Cins, Skyroad, Bilge Çocuk and Bilge Minik, which are published monthly, the bimonthly Post Öykü and the weekly Gerçek Hayat magazines reach tens of thousands of readers.

Ketebe Publications, which stepped into the publishing life in 2018 with the motto “Text remains”, is the new brand of the group that publishes in a wide range from novels to poems, from history to thought, from classic texts to children’s books. Together, it carries out the sales, marketing, subscription and distribution activities of newspapers, books and magazines published within the group, and Reklam Piri, which performs advertising sales for media, also serves as the strong companies of the group.

Our Values
National and Spiritual Values:
We know and apply our national and spiritual values ​​for the unity of our country, for the survival of our belief, tradition and culture, and we have the responsibility of being an example for them to be adopted in the society.
Property and Sustenance:
With the belief that the property belongs to Allah and the sustenance comes from Her, we adopt the principle of halal earnings in our activities and work in fraternal solidarity.(feminine)
Worthy of Human and Effort:
We respect the people who make our every activity meaningful and their valuable efforts for the Albayrak Group and all humanity. We see people as our most important value and stakeholder.
Justice and Equity:
We observe the rights of our institution, employees, suppliers, customers, the public and the environment with a sense of responsibility. We build our activities on observing the rights of all parties.
Customer happiness:
We base our customers' needs and long-term satisfaction on shaping our products and services; We offer fast, practical, permanent and reliable solutions to our customers by focusing on their requests, suggestions and complaints.
Quality and Process Orientation:
We follow quality systems and international standards to keep our product and service quality above expectations. We aim to provide a high standard in quality by systematically addressing and updating our processes that make up our quality.
Openness to Change and Innovation:
Manages the change process in a planned and systematic way, with the principle of preventive approach; We focus on offering new and different solutions in line with national and international developments, customer expectations and corporate needs.

Albayrak Group, which has adopted the principle of stable and steady growth in the industrial sector, has focused its investments on textile, on-board equipment, sugar and paper production, especially in the production of tractors and engines.

TÜMOSAN, which is the first private diesel engine manufacturer in Turkey, has the second market share in the tractor industry with a variety of 268 models, was opened to the stock market, and also realized the production of the first prototype (TÜMOSAN PUSAT) by implementing the National Integrated Tactical Wheeled Vehicle Project.

Attracting attention with its investments in the digital field, Albayrak Group carries out the digital communication processes of all publications belonging to the group, together with highly monitored platforms such as, (Arkitekt, Mecra, Zpor, Gazete Manşet, GZTMZT, with its Piri Medya brand.

The Group, within the scope of its responsibility to its country and humanity, in order to raise young people who have received quality education and operate in many sports branches; continues to increase its support in the fields of education, sports and arts and continues to invest in the future of this country.