Construction & Production


Mezra Ziraat founded in 2018 to eliminate the raw material deficiency of Erzurum Sugar Factory, lease arable lands within the borders of Erzincan and Sivas, making beet cultivation, introducing modern agricultural practices and agricultural tools to the farmers in the region, and leading them in this regard.

In the 2018-2019 season, when founded, 4,500 decares of land were leased as well as 7500 decares of leased land in the 2019-2020 season, and thus 6-10% of the raw material need of the Erzurum Sugar Factory was met by Mezra Ziraat.

In addition, within the scope of modern agricultural tools and agricultural practices, 10 tractors, 2 6-row dismantling machines, and 3 cleaning and loading machines, and a wide variety of plows and seed drills were purchased, and this equipment was offered to our farmers as other rented planting areas.

The dealership of an important company in modern irrigation systems has been taken; Both our farmers were provided with irrigation systems at affordable prices, and the 7500 decare area was equipped with sprinkler irrigation systems, saving the lands from the flood (wild) irrigation method that causes soil erosion. In addition, those who did not rent their fields or planted other crops were encouraged to plant sugar beet with sprinkler irrigation pipes, seed, fertilizer, and harvesting supports. Because of these incentives, there has been an increase in farmer planting and an awareness of modern agriculture has increased.

Mezra Ziraat, the only pioneering private company in Turkey in its field, continues its activities by growing with a machinery and equipment park of 25 million TL, 10.000 decares of cultivation area, approximately 60.000 tons of beet production capacity, 50 permanent 150 seasonal employees in total.