Construction & Production


TÜMOSAN Döküm has started its production activities in 2012, manufactures cast iron parts in the factory established on an area of ​​15.340 square meters. The factory, which has a gross liquid metal production capacity of 10,000 tons / year in a single shift, is aimed to reach 20,000 tons / year in double shifts.

TÜMOSAN Döküm, melting system producing 6 tons / hour of liquid metal, 800x1000x300 + 300 mm 50 molds / hour automatic molding, 45 tons / hour sand preparation system, 25 and 80 lt cold box core machines, robotic and manual grinding units, 1 ton It has suspended sandblasting machine, surface painting units and fully equipped sand and metal laboratories.

TÜMOSAN Döküm is a customer-oriented company that has a command of the technical and environmental standards of the sector, is aware of its social responsibilities, knows the value of the environment, nature and human health, is open to continuous improvement, uses advanced technology, manufactures at international standards.

It has determined as a vision to increase the contribution rate to the country’s economy, industry and employment with the existing production capacity increase and new investments, and to become a leading global casting company that guides the sector.