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After the earthquake that destroyed the city in 1939, there were also members of the Albayrak family among those who ran to Erzincan to start reconstruction. First came Albayrak’s father, then his son Hacı Ahmet Albayrak, the founder of Albayrak Group. Hacı Ahmet Albayrak worked in the construction of housing units for earthquake victims until 1950 to serve his country and act with the awareness of creating a safe future for society.

Albayrak Construction is among the best construction companies in Turkey with the projects it has initiated since the 1950s when urbanization started to accelerate in Turkey. Albayrak Construction has undertaken many important projects including the construction of Muş Train Station in 1954, 4th Levent-Taksim Metro in 2001, Kartal-Kaynarca Metro Line in 2017, hospitals (more than 1,000 beds in total), and stadium (33,000 seats). It has completed more than 20,000 housing constructions.

Albayrak Construction is famous for being able to do business in the most difficult and unfavourable conditions abroad and finishing projects before the time it’s due. For example, a 200-bed capacity hospital in Mogadishu was concluded in 12 months with a 24-month contract, and the construction of the Mogadishu Turkish Embassy building was completed in 24 months, despite a 36-month contract.

In the last 10 years, the company has turned into an investor operator in the global arena. With the concessions of Mogadishu and Conakry Ports, the company continues its investments with a revenue-sharing mechanism where it is responsible for construction, seaside investments, and equipment investments. Albayrak, with its engineers and technical team, has full control of the local construction market conditions within its borders and contributes significantly to the development of the countries concerned with a win-win approach.

The strategy of Albayrak Construction is based on the joint development of concessions and contracting works, which are two main fields of activity. Albayrak Construction aims to strengthen this business model by expanding its area of expertise and the geography in which it is active.

Albayrak Construction’s goal is; to consolidate its position as a private sector company serving the public interest, to fulfil its globalization targets in strong growth markets, to strengthen its position in transportation and logistics activities, to accelerate the digital transformation of business activities with its own team and to provide fully independent transparent management.

The main task of Albayrak Construction; To design, finance, construct and operate infrastructure and facilities to improve daily life, logistics activities, and mobility, acting with the mission of providing benefit to society and developing infrastructure for countries.

Beyond economic and financial impacts, Albayrak Construction has a vision of versatile performance and is determined to operate in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. Group companies operating in the field of environmental management play an active role in realizing this vision.

Albayrak Construction, which undertakes projects for the benefit of the public and society, thinks that it is essential to engage in active and effective dialogue with all its stakeholders to correctly explain the win-win principle to all its stakeholders in the conduct of business activities.


Transparency allows for the most active and instantaneous information transfer possible with the effective help of the information technology company of our group.

Acting with this assertive vision, Albayrak Construction’s goal is to create long-term, sustainable benefit for its customers, employees, partners, and humanity.