Media Distribution



Birlikte Dağıtım was established in 1999 to deliver daily published national and local newspapers to their subscribers. While it was initially distributing a single newspaper, it started to provide distribution services to subscribers of other newspapers published on a national and regional scale within a few years.

At the same time, it distributes monthly and weekly magazine, personalized delivery products such as invitations and calendars. Providing distribution services with 750 expert motorized distribution personnel throughout Turkey, Birlikte Dağıtım has succeeded in becoming a global company and carries out its distribution activities all over the world without interruption.

In recent years, together with the distributor role and investments, it has made a name for itself in the field of sales and marketing, and has developed its marketing strategies in a more modernized way with e-commerce and virtual market breakthroughs, and has become a brand especially in the field of book sales.

It provides public relations, sales, and marketing services and support to companies all over Turkey by using advanced technology with the “call center” system established within the scope of all processes, in full compliance with legal compliance.

With the new investments and projects it initiated, it changed its slogan, which was originally “Newspaper Distribution”, to “Book, Magazine, and Everything”.