Sugar Production

Construction & Production


Erzurum and Erzincan Sugar Factories, which were put into service in 1956 by the late Prime Minister Adnan Menderes, were taken over by Albayrak Group in 2018 and started to produce crystal sugar with the SUKKAR brand as of May 2019.

As a result of the efforts put in factories renewal and modernization, with an investment of over 40 million TL, the capacity of the Erzincan Sugar Factory, where 1800 tons of beets are processed per day, has increased to 2200 tons and the capacity of the Erzurum Sugar Factory, where 3300 tons of beets are processed per day, has increased to 4000 tons.

SUKKAR produces 80.000 tons of crystal sugar annually in 1500 decares of land and 116 decares of closed area in the region where beet cultivation and approximately half a million tons of sugar beet are harvested on 100.000 decares of land with nearly 4000 farmers. While performing these, it provides employment opportunities for 400 personnel.

SUKKAR, which is also the pioneer of the transition to mechanized agriculture in Erzurum and Erzincan Sugar Factories, in order to increase beet production and sugar yield per decare, put into service the beet harvesting, also, loading and cleaning machines imported from abroad within this scope. In this way, sugar beets are easily removed and transported from the field, saving workload and cost.

Additionally, the company, which plans to focus on the neglected agricultural cultivation areas in the field of sugar beet production in the Erzurum region, aims to increase productivity and farmer training to the highest levels by implementing an exemplary agriculture practice. It also plans the licensed warehouse activities for the cereals to be sown by the farmer, and the oil factory where it will collect and process oil seeds for sunflowers. In addition to these, the dry pulp facility, cube sugar facility and sugar packaging facilities are among its near-term targets.