Sugar Production

Construction & Production

Albayrak Sugar Factories

The Erzincan Sugar Factory aims to increase its processing capacity from the current 1,800 tons of beets per day to its actual capacity of 2,000. Meanwhile, the Erzurum Sugar Factory will hit a processing capacity of 4,000 beets per day, up from its current capacity of 3,300, as both factories optimize their production levels for better results. Both facilities are planning to carry out efforts to raise their maximum capacity and conduct modernization efforts, improvement and renovation, in addition to environmental investments.

Albayrak Holding, which will be the pioneer of the transition to automated agriculture in Erzurum and Erzincan sugar factories in order to increase the beet production and sugar yield per decare, has been carrying out negotiations to buy two beet cleaning and loading machines within this target scope. In addition, the company plans to focus on the neglected cultivation areas of sugar beet production in the Erzurum region and aims to maximize the efficiency and farmer education by implementing exemplary agricultural practices. It plans to build an oil factory that will collect and process oil crops through its licensed silo activities and sunflowers seeds for the farmers to sow. It also plans to compensate farmers in full for their produce.