Services & Logistics


The operation of Birun Kümbet Mountain House, located in Giresun Kümbet Plateau, which has the cleanest air of Turkey at 1850 meters, was taken over by Albayrak Group in 2007 and it has become a brand in mountain and plateau tourism, with its understanding of quality and service increasing day by day.

Birun Kümbet; as of 2020, it continues to serve the tourism of the country twelve months of the year with a total capacity of 150 beds, including 34 hotel rooms, 12 single-story bungalows, 5 duplex bungalows, in the wooden main building.

Birun Kümbet, which stands out with its architecture that is completely compatible with nature and surrounded by forests on four sides, serves its guests with a Turkish bath, pool, sauna, ATV tours, bicycle tours, swinging against the magnificent view, sledding, and all kinds of snow fun in winter, as well as accommodation and restaurant service.

The most important project of Birun Kümbet is the value it added to Giresun plateau tourism. In this context, it has included 7 hotel rooms, 7 bungalows, snow plowing, and track making vehicle for ski service.

Birun Kümbet, which attaches great importance to afforestation, in particular, contributes to the country’s land and its future by planting hundreds of saplings in the area owned by the hotel every year. In addition, the business, whose most important mission is to be nature and environment friendly, changed its energy resources in order not to harm nature, and switched from solid fuel to a natural gas system that is compatible with nature and does not harm nature.