Waste Management

Services & Logistics


In 1992, Albayrak Group laid the foundations of this sector in Turkey by undertaking the first initiative of the private sector on waste management to eliminate and control the increasingly negative effects of waste, which are the natural and inevitable consequences of life, on the environment and human health.

Yeşil Adamlar, serving within the Albayrak Group, is a pioneering and leading organization that realizes its services with developing technological applications, following the developing and changing conditions of the day, in terms of collection, transportation, storage, and recycling of waste.

According to the World Health Organization, one of the basic conditions of being healthy is a healthy environment. Yeşil Adamlar is an organization that provides waste management in a way that is compatible with the environment in order to ensure that the environment, which is the common presence of all living things, is protected in accordance with the principles of sustainable environment and sustainable development.

Yeşil Adamlar also continues the process of washing and sweeping the main arteries and squares to keep the cities clean, increase the quality of life and eliminate other factors that may affect human health in cities, with vehicles and personnels equipped with the latest technology, which can monitor instantly from the satellite, 24/7 without interruption.

Across the Turkey, within the body of metropolitan, provincial and district administrations, it is the leader of the sector with its powerful, modern 1062 vehicles and its 5700 personnel who receive “vocational training”, OHS, first aid and fire training in vocational training courses with protocols signed with public education centers periodically.

Yeşil Adamlar Waste Management has adopted the mission of implementing the “waste management and environmental cleaning” activities carried out and carried out in Turkey, also at the international level. Based on this principle, it has been continuing its waste management and environmental cleaning activities abroad since 2010.