Albayrak Groups gets together for the 2019 Vision and Communication Summit

The senior management of Albayrak Group met at the summit held in Balıkesir, Körfez Thermal facilities in order to evaluate 2018, survey expectations and opinions regarding 2019, obtain information on corporate development efforts and to strengthen communication between Albayrak Group executives.

At the summit, executives gave presentations on sector expectations for 2019, developments that took place in 2018 and projects/cases that can be showcased as examples for other companies in the group.

Among those who attended the event were the members of the Board of Directors were Mr. Mustafa Albayrak, Muzaffer Albayrak, Executive Committee Members Mesut Albayrak, Faruk Albayrak, Muhammet Fatih Albayrak and Hamza Albayrak, as well as İbrahim Karaca, Group CEO. Dr. Ömer Bolat, in addition to nearly 50 senior company managers and general managers. Devamı

Giant signature from TÜMOSAN

TÜMOSAN scores major agreement

Albayrak Holding affiliate Tümosan signed a preiliminary agreeemnt with Spanish railway transport giant Talgo for the production of high-speed trains in Turkey. Under the joint investment, trains, high-speed trains and railway material and equipment will be produced to meet Turkey’s needs.

Tümosan Engine and Tractor Industry Co., a subsidiary of Albayrak Holding, signed a partnership under the scope of its campaign that will give momentum to its plans for railway transportation.

At a ceremony held in Istanbul yesterday, Tümosan signed a joint project for a venture and technology transfer with Spanish giant Patentes Talgo SLU, which operates in the field of train, high-speed train and railway equipment. Devamı